Who We Are

Roger J. Lucas

Mr. Roger J. Lucas, Chairman of the Board and Director of Aquaculture

Mr. Roger J. Lucas retired as an officer from the US Navy and managed IT positions ranging from the development of the Atlantic Strike Force Command’s secret internet portal to holding the position as the Project Coordinator for STRATCOM’s Offensive Counterspace Special Technical Operations team. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BS in Electrical Engineering and from the University of Phoenix with a Masters of Business Administration. His background brings a broad depth of technical and managerial skills. Mr. Lucas spends his time between the USA, Ecuador and Panama.

Harold Jeff, Attorney at LawMr. Harold Jeff Agustino, Attorney at Law, Director of Legal Affairs

Attorney at Law Jeff is the Legal Advisor to the National Assembly of Representatives, Republic of Panama. He is also the Legal Advisor to the indigenous Ngobe-Bugle General Congress. He is also the Executive President of HES International, S.A., a tourism enterprise in the Ngobe-Bugle Comarca. This enterprise ranks as the most valuable tourism concession in the Republic of Panama. He has been the Advisor for the Judicial Branch regarding Justice Administration. Mr. Jeff is also President of the Commission for Indigenous Matters of the National College of Lawyers and is an Advisor to the National Coordinator Office for the Indigenous People in the Republic of Panama.

Graduated from the National University of Panama and currently lives in the Capital City.

Michael Chitolie

Michael Chitolie, Director of Banking and Finance

Mr. Michael Chitolie was a Senior International Banker with the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotia Bank PLC) for many years. He served the country of Saint Lucia in the capacity of a member of the National Development Corporation, Sub-Committee responsible for Land and Investment. Also he served as the Chairman of the Vieux Fort Town Council, with the responsibility for all governmental duties in the second largest town in Saint Lucia. Upon entering the private business world, Mr. Chitolie began cargo, distribution and wholesale trading companies. Currently he is the Chairman of St. Lucia Marine Terminals Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority. St. Lucia Marine Terminals Limited is the sole custodian of cargo at the port. Mr. Chitolie lives in Saint Lucia and enjoys the island lifestyle.

Alexis Gomez de Gracia

Mr. Alexis Gómez de Gracia, Certified Public Accountant

Mr. Alexis Gomez de Gracia graduated with a Business and Accounting Degree from the University of Panama, where he earned his Certified Public Accounting license. His expertise is in business accounting and has an international client base. His clients range from private trusts to telecommunication companies to financial institutions. Mr. Gomez de Gracia has travelled extensively and spoken at more than 850 national and international conferences. His international expertise in accounting and legal ramifications for cross border companies makes him a sought after speaker. He is familiar with complicated accounting structures, which involve multiple countries. He lives in Panama, speaks Spanish and English and holds the directorship positions in a few select companies.