Real Estate and Timeshare Buy-Back Programs

Aspen offers Buy-Back programs for the timeshare and real estate industries. The Programs’ terms vary region to region and project to project.

The Timeshare Program allows the timeshare buyer to exercise the Buy-Back Program Contract with the Company in ten years or at an agreed point in time in the future for the original purchase price. The Company buys the timeshare unit from the buyer at the original purchase price. This protects the buyer’s original investment and also provides an early “out” regarding on going maintenance/HOA fees.

Aspen works with timeshare developers worldwide to tailor a buy-back to suit their purchasers’ needs. The program is aimed at giving purchasers of timeshares the confidence and security of the ongoing value of their ownership.

The Real Estate Program allows the real estate buyer or developer to exercise the Real Estate Program Contract anytime within a ten year or previously agreed time period at a previously agreed price. This protects the buyer and developer as well as any lending institution as the Company buys the property and thus removes any lending institution’s risk of borrower loan default. Many times, this results in lower interest rates for the borrower.

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